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Active isolation module.

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Function: needed to convert all kinds of dc current signal into dc signal, realize the direct electrical isolation between signal, eliminate circuit and reducing interference, also has a high voltage protection and current peak inhibition. Features: small volume, suitable for intensive installation; DIN rail type, convenient loading and unloading, high isolation performance, strong anti-interference; High conversion accuracy and stable performance.

Key technical indicators

Input resistance: 0 ~ 5 madc, 100 Ω 0 ~ 10 madc, 40 Ω 4 ~ 20 madc, 50 Ω 0 ~ 20 madc, 40 Ω

Accuracy: + / - 0。2% f。 S

Temperature drift: plus or minus 0.15% or less f. S / 10 ℃

Response time: less than 0。5 seconds (0~90% output)

Insulation resistance: input, output, power between 100 m or more Ω / 500 VDC

Insulation strength: 1500VAC/1 minute between input, output and power supply.

Input protection: unlimited output short circuit。

Front-end adjustment: zero point, range adjustment amount plus or minus 5%F•S。

Load capacity


Load capacity



3KΩ(The biggest)

0~10 mADC

1。5 KΩ(The biggest)

4~20 mADC

750 Ω(The biggest)

0~20 mADC

750 Ω(The biggest)


2KΩ(The biggest)

0~5 VDC

5 KΩ(The minimum)

1~5 VDC

5 KΩ(The minimum)

0~10 VDC

10 KΩ(The minimum)

-10~+10 VDC

10 KΩ(The minimum)


Installation and use

Power supply: 24VDC, with reverse function protection.

The sensor lead resistance: 5 or less equal Ω and three wire resistance

Ambient temperature: 0~90%RH.

Shell: resistant to high temperature flame retardant engineering plastics。

Installation: DIN rail mounting, guide rail dimension is 35mm。

Storage temperature: 25 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃

Weight: 120 g

Stable time: 20 minutes.


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