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Huixiang automation system co., LTD. Is a professional automation instrument r&d and manufacturing enterprise. The company USES the advanced manufacturing technology, is engaged in the digitalization and informationization of pressure, flow, liquid level, temperature measuring and adjusting process parameters, such as, recording, remote transmission, control, the pneumatic actuator product of open, manufacturing and system integration. The products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, power, oil, power plant, chemical, metallurgy, medicine, light industry, electronics, machinery, food and other industries.

Henan huixiang automation system co., LTD. Is a production enterprise appointed by the mainland, and the enterprise has passed the ISO9001; 2000 quality system certification and high-tech enterprise certification, fully responsible for the promotion and sale of hx-wp series digital instruments, transmitter instruments, industrial control system and other products, and post-sale technical consulting services.

The company adheres to "the customer's need, is our goal". We are dedicated to providing customers with excellent products, reasonable price, fast delivery cycle, professional technical support and perfect after-sales service.


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