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Huixiang automation system co., LTD. Is a professional automation instrument r&d and manufacturing enterprise. The company USES the advanced manufacturing technology, is engaged in the digitalization and informationization of process parameters such as pressure, flow, liquid level, temperature measurement, remote transmission, control, regulation, record, the pneumatic actuator product development, manufacturing and system integration.

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Sales address: no.33, hall, 1 / f, new taikang electromechanical city, zhengzhou

Domestic production base: no。5 garden, no。12, dongqing street, high-tech development zone, zhengzhou

Telephone: 0371-66957207

Website: www。hxyb。com。cn

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Industry dynamics

  • Automatic instrument cali... 2017-12-28

    Huixiang automation system co。, LTD。 Is a professional automation instrument r&a。。。

  • The development history o... 2017-09-20

    The development history of electromagnetic flowmeter is the development history ...

  • The development and statu... 2017-09-14

    Measurement is the human understanding of the tool material around the world, is。。。

Company products

  • Flow integrating instrument
  • 7000C series square liquid crystal display instrument/paperless recorder.
  • WDL series current/voltage transmitter.
  • Hx-t61-b pressure transmitter.
  • HX133 pressure transmitter.
  • Hx-t81 level transmitter
  • Hx3051/1151lt flanged liquid level transmitter
  • T61A flange pressure transmitter
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter
  • Scale electromagnetic cold/heat scale

Company qualification

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